Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Pictures!

Elder Anderson

Check out my new scarf!

member family

surprise birthday party!


birthday cake!

blow out the candle!

thats some tasty cake!

rollerblading with the missionaries

rock climbing!

6 months

tie burning

burn the tie after being on the mission for 6 months

yum, nachos!

7 Months!

Today Jordan has been gone for 7 months! He said the time has flown by and even though it can be tough he still is having an amazing time and loves being on his mission.  Jordan is now a senior companion (woohoo go jordan!), has moved zones (but it pretty much right across the street from where he was) and has another new companion, Elder Tarqui.  But soon he will be training a new missionary which will be a great experience for him!  There have been a few earthquakes in Mexico recently, Jordan said they have felt them but he has been safe and to him and people around him, there have been no injuries or damage.
I am waiting for his new address and i will post that when i get it. Jordan also sent more pictures! Keep up the awesome work Jordan, we are so happy for you!