Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Jordan has been in Mexico for about a week now and is loving it!  His companion is a native from Mexico, Elder Piña (which means pineapple in spanish!). Having him not know English can be difficult but it also is helping Jordan learn. Jordan said the missionaries are like rock stars everyday they eat with a member and when they see them in the streets they buy them food or drinks, and the best are the drunks they always want to shake hands and tell them how they believe in dios (God) and in jesucristo.  They already have an investigator, Gautaulpe, and they have the date set for the baptism- which is very exciting! Awesome job Elder Ottaway and Elder Piña!!  Jordan is having a blast and having tons of awesome food. He said the members feed them everyday.  They eat a snack about 10 am and then eat a huge meal at 2pm with a member and have another snack around 8pm. and he hasn't gotten sick yet so that's good!  But he still doesn't have all the luxuries we have in America, in Mexico a toilet is a hole with a seat on it that you have to use a bucket of water to flush. You can write Jordan dearelders but send them to the Mexico City Southeast Mission. I am not sure of the exact address but this should work, when i find out for sure I will update it! Keep it up Jordan, we love you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Look Out Mexico, Here Comes Elder Ottaway

Jordan has his visa and leaves for Mexico Tuesday morning! He is so excited! We all know he will do great things! When he gets there and lets us know everything then we will put more, but for now this is it. We are still waiting on his pictures and will put them up asap. Also his address will change, so the dearelder letters will be sent to a different address, so we will also let you know about that when it changes! Good luck to Jordan, we all love and miss him and wish him the best!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Only 2 More Weeks in the MTC

Jordan has been learning so much and having tons of fun!  He learns more and more Spanish everyday.  By speaking it everyday and using that like it's his primary language, Jordan likes to try to tell jokes to the other missionaries but his spanish is funnier than the actual joke! He has met so many new people, its kinda hard not to when you're surrounded by 2,000 other missionaries, and they all speak or are learning different languages!
On Jordan's P-days he goes to the Temple, writes letters, and does laundry.  he doesn't have class which is nice beacuse that is 8 hours a day and they study for 4 hours.
Jordan's companion is from Ely, Nevada. They get along great! It's nice because he is a little bit older, like Jordan.  His companion is going to the Mexico City East Mission, so they won't be companions while on their actual mission.
Jordan said the food is terrible and at this point he is looking forward to Mexican Eye Ball Soup!  Not really, but when you come from a family of amazing cooks its hard to compare.
Jordan want's everyone to know that he loves, misses, and appreciates everything that everyone has done for him!
He only has 2 1/2 more weeks in the MTC then he is off to his mission. We will put the date up that he leaves and his new address for his letters. He really likes when you write him letters off of dearelder.  Its great for him to be able to read them after a long day of class.  Pictures are coming soon too!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jordan's First Week at the MTC

Hey everyone! Jordan has only been at the MTC for a few days but he has already learned more than he ever could have imagined. When he got there he had a 4 hour class where the teacher only spoke Spanish. Everything he does is in Spanish, reading, writing, praying and speaking.  He speaks Spanish all day everyday expect for 30 minutes at night while he is planning for the next day. This is amazing for him especially since in high school our Spanish teacher said he would probably never be bilingual. Jordan is having an incredible time even though it is difficult to learn a new language and be in such a different environment; but he knows that Heavenly Father is helping him get through. This is really strengthening his testimony.  Jordan's district (him and 8 others) have been specially chosen for a pilot program where they are only in the MTC for 6 weeks instead of 9 like the other Spanish speaking missions. Good Luck to all of them! Jordan and his companion taught their first investigator on Friday night and you guessed it, she only spoke Spanish. It is truly amazing that they were able to communicate with her and testify of the Book of Mormon.  This is such a great time for Jordan, we are all so happy and proud of him! We know he loves and misses all of us and we're glad we can be here to support him.  If you want to write him you can and send it to this address:

Elder Jordan Taylor Ottaway
MTC Mailbox # 150
2005 N 900 E
Provo , UT 84604-1793

This is only for while he is in the MTC, when he goes to Mexico City we will put up that address. If it's easier for you, you can go to dearelder.com and select Provo MTC and fill out the information and type your letter. It will get sent to him without you having to go to the post office.