Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jordan's First Week at the MTC

Hey everyone! Jordan has only been at the MTC for a few days but he has already learned more than he ever could have imagined. When he got there he had a 4 hour class where the teacher only spoke Spanish. Everything he does is in Spanish, reading, writing, praying and speaking.  He speaks Spanish all day everyday expect for 30 minutes at night while he is planning for the next day. This is amazing for him especially since in high school our Spanish teacher said he would probably never be bilingual. Jordan is having an incredible time even though it is difficult to learn a new language and be in such a different environment; but he knows that Heavenly Father is helping him get through. This is really strengthening his testimony.  Jordan's district (him and 8 others) have been specially chosen for a pilot program where they are only in the MTC for 6 weeks instead of 9 like the other Spanish speaking missions. Good Luck to all of them! Jordan and his companion taught their first investigator on Friday night and you guessed it, she only spoke Spanish. It is truly amazing that they were able to communicate with her and testify of the Book of Mormon.  This is such a great time for Jordan, we are all so happy and proud of him! We know he loves and misses all of us and we're glad we can be here to support him.  If you want to write him you can and send it to this address:

Elder Jordan Taylor Ottaway
MTC Mailbox # 150
2005 N 900 E
Provo , UT 84604-1793

This is only for while he is in the MTC, when he goes to Mexico City we will put up that address. If it's easier for you, you can go to and select Provo MTC and fill out the information and type your letter. It will get sent to him without you having to go to the post office.

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